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  1. When you call us for your health care needs, we may offer same/next day  appointment as they are available to address acute problems.    
  2. Please let staff know if you have medical urgency that requires you to be seen sooner. Remember that we are not an urgent care center, and remember to call 911/Emergency room if you think you have a medical emergency or life threatening situation.  {Some examples of medical urgency are acute pain, severe headache, wheezing, open wound (Laceration), animal bite etc. Yes, we can see you. || some examples of emergency (where you rather go to ER/call 911): chest pain, can not breath, major injuries, possible fractures, excruciating headache, excruciating other pain, possible stroke or heart attack, losing consciousness etc.} 
  3. Please come in at least 15 minutes early to finish paper work (if any) and to allow front desk to process your visit. (Account review, insurance verification etc.) 
  4. Please call ahead (24 hours in advance) if you need to reschedule or cancel.       
  5. Please know that doctor/staff may ask you to schedule another visit for your  significant other non-urgent problems, PE etc. in order to reduce the wait time for you and others.   
  6. It is ok for you to reschedule if your wait time is longer and unacceptable to you for non-urgent problem(s).  
  7. Please handle appointment issues & other questions about you or family members  at front desk. For question(s) directed for doctor, front desk will take a message for the doctor who then will call you later.     
  8. Remember that all patients’ phone calls (including after-hour calls) for your  medical question(s) and refill requests are handled by just one assigned provider/doctor, and you may expect your return phone calls (or take action on  your refill request) within 1-2 business days unless medically urgent.                

This policy was last revised in Nov 2017.

Improving your care and reducing your wait time is a partnership amongst patients, providers and staff.