USCIS-Approved Civil Surgeon For Your  I-693 Medical Examinations For Immigration/Green Cards Since 1997...     

Dhiren N. Ajudia, MD, an approved examiner by USCIS to perform medical examinations for U.S. immigration dept, commonly known as I-693 forms, has been doing these type of examinations since 1997.   

Ling Tan, MD another approved examiner by USCIS has been doing similar examinations since 2007 at this clinic.   

Both doctors are very skilled in following USCIS requirements  for this type of exam. They will give you a properly completed examination in sealed envelope for USCIS and a copy of complete examination for your own records..

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We also provide Primary and Preventive Care  for  Adults   

Primary Medical Care for Adults 

  • Acute Illnesses such as sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, migraine, acute pain, STDs, vaginal infection...  
  • Chronic Illnesses such as asthma, COPD, high BP, diabetes, cholesterol, anxiety, depression, migraine, thyroid issues...  
  • Sprain and Strain injuries, work injuries (new cases)...  
  • Screening for HIV, hepatitis, STDs, prostate/colon cancers...  
  • Personal Physicals & Preventive Care  for men & women...  
  • PAP smear exam/Mammogram referrals


  • Wellness Examinations 
  • Personal Physicals
  • US Immigration/I-693 Exams